Netanyahu Says Iran Containment Policy Won’t Work


(RFE/RL) — Israel’s prime minister says a policy of containment for Iran will not work because Tehran is guided by a “leadership of fanaticism.”

Netanyahu made the comments in an interview with the U.S. television network NBC, which will be aired on September 16.

Netanyahu also said he disagrees with those who argue that going to war with Iran would be worse than a nuclear Iran.

Analysts say the United States wants to give diplomacy and sanctions more time to pressure Iran to abandon its suspect nuclear work.


But Israel has warned repeatedly that it believes Iran is close to acquiring a nuclear bomb.

Earlier this week, Netanyahu criticized the United States specifically over its containment policy, saying peaceful methods are not working.


RFE/RL journalists report the news in 21 countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established.

One thought on “Netanyahu Says Iran Containment Policy Won’t Work

  • September 17, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    So who is Nutty-yahoo to talk of: “leadership of fanaticism.”?? HE is the one most often sounding like (a pint sized) Hitler!

    Of course, “Iran is close to acquiring a nuclear bomb.”

    So are Canada, Germany, Japan, Ukraine (who discarded theirs) and many others who wisely avoid the expense associated with nuclear weaponry, though the “do it your self” instructions be in the stacks of University engineering libraries.

    These things, as well as threatening the existence of life on this planet are even without being used, a financial drain that neither big or small oountrys can afford. I.E.North Korea due to scares resources being used for the bomb and means to deliver it is impoverished to the point of food shortages: the USA, number one economy in the world now faces anywhere from $200-600BILLION to “upgrade” its arsenal.

    Is the whole human race going for fanaticism??


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