Spain: Civil Guard Arrests Four People In Biscay For Inciting Terrorism


Spain’s Guardia Civil (Civil Guard) officers arrested four people in Biscay on Tuesday morning accused of an alleged crime of inciting terrorism. Those arrested took part in the tribute paid on 25 July 2015, coinciding with local celebrations in Otxandio (Biscay), to Lucía Urigoitia Ajuria, a member of the “Donosti commando” who died back on 22 July 1987 in an armed shoot-out with the State law enforcement agencies in the town of Pasajes in Guipúzcoa.

The tribute consisted of a demonstration in a public place, specifically in the square located in Calle Elixoste no. 11-13, in Otxandio, with some 100 people present connected to the radical ‘abertzale’ [patriotic] left, which specifically involved the prior convening of these people, a public call to turn out and acts of preparation, organisation and coordination within the framework of a series of acts of eulogy and exaltation that are periodically paid to this terrorist in the town of Otxandio.

The investigations carried out by the Guardia Civil, within the framework of ‘Operation Lekanda’, resulted in the identification of A.U.P., M.J.S.G., A.D.N. and A.L.C.U., who performed the organisation, leadership and coordination work for the event.

Consequently, on Tuesday morning, officers proceeded to arrest these four people as the alleged material authors of an offence of inciting terrorism. Furthermore, officers proceeded to search the ‘Gaztetze’ [occupied social centre] located in Calle Elixoste no. 5, in Otxandio, pursuant to a search warrant issued by the National High Court, where the material used during the tribute to the deceased terrorist were stored.

As a result of this Guardia Civil operation, as well as arresting the organisers of a specific event to incite terrorism, it seeks to bring an end to the holding of tributes paid to members of the terrorist gang ETA which represent an attack on the victims of terrorism.

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