Arab Foreign Ministers Set Up Committee For Liaison With Syria


In a joint press conference, Al-Araby and Al Thani highlighted the need to solve the Syrian crisis “within an Arab framework” away from any foreign interference.

They agreed that the newly-formed panel has to have the change for initiating a comprehensive dialogue between the government and opposition.

Asked about the possibility of reconciling the stance of the opposition with that of government, Al Thani – the chairman of the meeting – said: “The statement of today’s meeting focuses on the logical demands for ending the conflict and the mediation in the conflict.” “The opposition is to determine its stance on the government and vice versa. We don’t want any party to exclude the other. We hope that the desired change will be brought about by the hands of both the people and the government,” he explained.

The council will review the developments of the situation regularly before deciding on a next step and the Arab countries have to shoulder their responsibilities at a certain point, Al Thani said.

He added that the Arab countries are keen on avoiding any dispute with the Syrian government.

Meanwhile, Al-Araby said, in reply to a question on recognition by the League of the newly-formed National Transitional Council of Syria, the issue of recognition has to do with the League’s member states not the League itself.

Asked about the demand for suspending Syria’s membership at the League, he said all conferees are of the view that such a move is not helpful at least for the time being.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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