Iran Decries Saudi Resolution


Iran has sounded an alarm about Saudi Arabia’s draft resolution to the UN, delivered in response U.S. allegations of a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. — a plot that Iran calls a U.S. fabrication meant to falsely accuse the Islamic Republic.

Yesterday, Saudi Arabia presented the UN General Assembly with a draft resolution that condemns the “assassination plot” against Adel al-Jubeir.

On October 11, the United States announced details of an unsuccessful attempt on the life of the Saudi ambassador in Washington by “factions linked to the Iranian government.”

Mohammad Khazai, Iran’s representative at the UN, spoke out against the draft, saying the General Assembly should not allow draft resolutions on the basis of “unfounded claims.”

Khazai said such “baseless actions” could only threaten “international and regional security.”

He added that the U.S. is using the United Nations as a “tool” to advance its “short-sighted policies.”

He emphasized that the Islamic Republic has always opposed all terrorist activities and he denied that the Islamic Republic had any involvement in the alleged plot against the Saudi ambassador.

The U.S. has arrested Mansour Arbabseir, a 56-year-old Iranian with American citizenship, accusing him of planning to pay professional assassins $1.5 million to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington and arrange a series of bombings in the U.S.

Arbabseir has denied the charges and pleaded not guilty during his first court appearance.

U.S. authorities claim the international arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps was behind the alleged plot. The IRGC has denied the allegations.

Iran insists that the U.S. is using the whole affair as a “media and political show.”

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