Jordan King: Islamists Victory In Egypt “Awakened” Israel


Recent talks between Israelis and Palestinians in Amman have so far failed to achieve concrete progress, King Abdullah II of Jordan, said about the low-level talks. However, in an interview published on Tuesday by the Washington Post the monarch added he was ”cautiously optimistic”. According to him, the pressure must be directed towards Israel.

”Israel realizes the immediate need to revive the peace talks in the Middle East.” King Abdullah conveyed. Talks between Israeli envoy Yitzchak Molcho and Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, were “good but difficult”, the Jordanian leader stated, adding they could eventually lead to the launch of direct negotiations.

But according to the King of Jordan, the Jewish state must make efforts: Israel must choose between ”apartheid”, and democracy.”

Abdullah explained that the results of recent elections in Egypt clarified to Israeli leaders they can not afford to delay indefinitely the peace negotiations. The prospects of the Islamists taking power in Egypt, Abdullah said, suddenly awakened Israel. “More and more Israelis understand they risk losing what they think is the ideal future of Israel. Waiting is the worst mistake that the Israelis can do.”

Abdullah’s remarks come one day after Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Israel was prepared to negotiate with the Palestinians without any delay. “I’m ready to get into my car at any time and go to Ramallah, even if it is a headache for my security guards. However, (Palestinian leader) Abu Mazen is not ready “, the Israeli leader said.

Earlier this month, Israel sent to the Palestinians, as a basis for discussion, a document featuring 21 points, presenting the Israeli positions.

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