US Says More Drones As A Fed-Up World Shakes Its Head – OpEd


The US is completely unashamed by the depth and audacity of the evil plans it is revealed to have organized. No matter what you catch them doing, there is zero chance they will take the high road, admit responsibility, and adjust their course. Backing Right Sector heroes they agreed were terrorists a short while ago? Never happened. Nordstream bombers? Naaaaah. 

Now, getting its drones as close to Crimea as they can without getting caught [oops!] is just another set up for a sketch on the mock news of Saturday Night Live. The US-sponsored headline is that “Russia is *warned* to operate military aircraft with caution.” [Non-western audience LAUGHTER/APPLAUSE, please]. Now switch to Russia’s real-world response, namely, that after the recent drone incident (where a US drone 60 miles from Crimea was taken out by a Russian plane), Russia vows to retaliate against ‘all US provocations.’

Obviously! But of course this is missing from the news reel here. The real story is that those evil Russians might get some intelligence from a drone taken out 60 miles from a war zone. 

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s “ADIZ” [Arial Defense Identification Zone] (with US support, of course) is beyond ridiculous. Not only is Taiwan a part of China already, but flights over almost all of one of its own coastal provinces constitute “violations” by China’s planes.

Rubio [Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee] has spouted his own warhawk rhetoric, which of course is only slightly different from the rest of the gaggle of “supporters” and “opponents” in the sad democracy façade that is the US permanent warrior culture. He thinks it’s a “test” to see if the US will respond, and Biden’s real “response” should be to monger a little more war. Always the brilliant solution of America’s Braintrust.

Of course. It is absolutely a test. It’s interesting how the brainless mouthpieces of US policy can be correctly interpreted if one assumes the exact opposite of what they are saying.

What happened here is that the US was using its usual, saber-rattling macho warswagger to see how close they can get.

Many levels of the US war machine have been outspoken on how one of the Ukranian neo-nazi goals should be to “take back” Crimea. It has also become no secret that the US and its NATO attack dogs have been heavily involved in a war on Russia, using the proxy armies of Bandera and whoever they can kidnap from the grocery store.

But apparently they still have no awareness of the image they present from outside their own press release minions. It is so obvious to those outside the bubble that it draws non-chalant amused asides. One South African friend says simply “Growing up, all US war games we played had the Russian people ALWAYS painted as villains and themselves (US) as superior heroes. I still have the latest ones in that fashion.” My wife, also African, still laughs at the morning headlines but uses an old Seinfeld reference in Jerry’s warning voice: “This is gonna get ugly…”

The truth is that no one in the real world ignores the reality: all that data scooped up by the US grim Reaper is already on its way to the Ukraine’s General Staff with its American officers. At least the part of it that was not vaporized by last week’s Kinzhal surprise. Actually, the rest of the world–literally like 80% of it (not counting internal dissent) responds by saying “Duh!” What in the name of gods of war, logic and common sense would you think would happen if a cheeky US drone tries to cozy up. Like a toddler touching the stove.

That kid is gonna get spanked. Are we all clearer now?

Daniel Patrick Welch is a writer of political commentary and analysis. He lives and writes in Salem, Massachusetts with his wife. Together they run The Greenhouse School. He has traveled widely, speaks five languages and studied Russian History and Literature at Harvard University.

2 thoughts on “US Says More Drones As A Fed-Up World Shakes Its Head – OpEd

  • March 17, 2023 at 12:21 pm

    The writer agrees the drone is 60 miles (100km) from Crimea so he can hardly claim it is not entitled to be there over international waters. Russian and American planes both regularly come much closer to other countries basically to spy, but the game has rules – and the Russians have broken them.

  • March 17, 2023 at 1:59 pm

    The writer is a Russian propagandist. If he loves Russia do much, he should go live there. I hear they have job openings in the military.


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