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Eritrea: Diplomatic Services Suspended, Washington And Asmara More Distant


The United States government announced the suspension of all consular and diplomatic services in Eritrea, in what appears a further deterioration in relations between the two countries. In a message released by the US Embassy in Asmara, it indicates that it “can provide only emergency services to US citizens in Eritrea”, announcing the suspension of services for the release of visas.

According to the local media, officially the decision was necessary after Eritrean authorities refused to guarantee a major number of visas for US diplomatic staff in the country. The government of Asmara restricted the circulation of foreign diplomats only to the capital, imposing the request of a permit for any mission outside Asmara.

The already shaky relations with the US – main ally of Addis Ababa, enemy in a long war, first for liberation and then over their borders after obtaining independence in 1993 – recently deteriorated further. The government of President Isais Afewerki last March accused the US of backing an Ethiopian military flash-attack against what Addis Ababa defined as “enemy posts” in Eritrean territory.

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4 thoughts on “Eritrea: Diplomatic Services Suspended, Washington And Asmara More Distant

  • May 19, 2012 at 10:01 am

    What a shame for the USA to suspend diplomatic relations with Eritrea, the only reliable and peaceful country in the horn of Africa. The State Department still believes that it can do whatever it likes in Eritrea as it does in other African countries. Eritrea is but a very unique country where administration by remote conbtrol is impossible. It is high time that the state department have the guts to come up with positive engagements instead of trying to administer by remote control.

  • May 20, 2012 at 3:27 am

    “Wenchif baela harima baela tee’wi” The tyranny in Eritrea, an embarrassment to all of us and Africa will not learn from its mistakes and will continue to be a mock. This move was long overdue. We now need to completely restrict the entry of all agents of the dictator including those who come to help collect dollars in the name of cultural show for independence, The US government also should stop the illegal practice of forcing American Eritreans to pay 2% of their income by the terrorist regime of Asmara.

  • May 20, 2012 at 3:58 am

    Dear Mr. Berhane,
    Dependency is the worst for a country. Africa with all its resources should have been at the for front with economy. But the so called individuals like you, still live in the past. The time for master and slave is history for countries like Eritrea and alike. Please if you write a comment, just write as an individuale, because you don’t represent Africa, because I am an African and you don’t represent me. And if I am willing to pay 2% form my country, it up to me not you or US government. It is my individual right ! PS: I wrote your name as an Eritrean name different from the way you spell it ! I may be wrong.

  • May 20, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    In April of this year the Ethiopia Government announced its military incursion in violation of international law. Once again the UN failed to adhere to its own stated obligations by choosing to echo US line;
    urging both parties to refrain from further hostilities’
    To this day, the US administration remains mute about Eritrean charges of its involvement in the military incursions inside Eritrean sovereign territory. The latest US measures is nothing more than the sustained destabilization effort to thwart a promising African nation determined to build a self reliant nation. The latest one is probably aimed a


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