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Facebook Page To “Free Jared Cano”; Claims Normal Adolescent Behaviour


A Facebook group has been created to “Free Jared Cano,” the 17 year old who was arrested in a alleged plot to blow up a Tampa Bay School. Tampa Police, acting on a tip Tuesday, arrested Cano after learning that violence was planned for the first day of school and it targeted specific administrators as well as any students nearby. Police said Cano was plotting to place a bomb at the Freedom High School where he had been expelled.

Besides finding bomb making materials, the police said Cano was also found to be growing marijuana in his room. During the search, officers found materials used to construct pipe bombs, including a fuel source, shrapnel, plastic tubing, timing and fusing devices.

Jared Cano
Jared Cano

However, some of the comments on “Free Jared Cano” Facebook site don’t reflect the police reports, and instead claim such behavior is “normal” for adolescent boys.

One such poster claims,

“Let’s keep Jared and his family in our thoughts and prayers. He is not a murderer he just made a threat and had a few notes. Thanks!”

Many of the comments appear to be from students.

While there are comments that note the seriousness of the situation, others prefer to claim that such behavior is normal for “boys”.

Hes a boy~! it’s perfectly normal for boys to have destructive thoughts! seriously…
hes just a kid! well.. teen whatever. :/
don’t ruin his whole life now!!

Another poster comments:

the kid is young and his state of mind has been altered by drugs, alcohol, and bullying. he made a mistake. sitting on your computer and leaving threatening and condescending posts does not make you any better of a person.

On a Facebook page that appears to belong to Jared Cano, – in which there are photos of him drinking beer and Studying How to Grow Weed at University of Marijuana the last entry reads:

i jut did the dumbest thing ever!

And this strange comment he left on Sunday,

the weirdest thing happened today… when my homie Nic Peezy was trying to connect to a wireless network the connections list came up and one of them was called: FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN ….

Through their investigation, officers determined Cano had very specific plans for carrying out the violence. At approximately 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday the suspect’s mother consented to a search of their home. Media reports that Cano has multiple juvenile arrests, including for  burglary, carrying a concealed weapon, altering serial numbers on a firearm and drug possession, but that all had been either dismissed or no action has been taken.

Members of the Tampa Police Department’s Regional Bomb Team determined the quantity of materials seized was capable of taking multiple lives.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Page To “Free Jared Cano”; Claims Normal Adolescent Behaviour

  • August 18, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    The kids who are commenting just dont’ understand the gravity of what this boy was planning. If he went through with it then each an every supporter of Jarod would be saying, ” You should have done something before this happened.” As a result they think that because he was unable to go through with the plot that he did nothing wrong.

  • August 18, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    there is also a site on facebook for LOCK UP JARED CANO.


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