Sri Lanka: Vehicles Failing Standards To Be Re-Exported At Importers’ Cost


Vehicles imported in Sri lanka on Letters of Credit (LCs) opened after July 13, 2018, should undergo a pre-shipment Emission Inspection and Certification, an Extraordinary Gazette Notice dated August 10 said.

“Motor vehicles, which do not comply with the said Emissions Standards and Safety Measures/Standards, shall be re-exported by the importer(s) at his own cost,” the notice said.

“Importation of all motor vehicles other than brand new motor vehicles referred to in the notice shall carry a Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate, to comply with the Emissions Standards and Safety Measures/Standards,” it said.“The Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate shall only be issued by the authorized inspectors appointed by the Gazette (Extraordinary) No.1804/17 dated April 3, 2013.

“These regulations shall not be applicable for the importation of motor vehicles, based on the Letters of Credit (LCs), established on or before July 13, 2018. “Such Letters of Credit shall not be amended and the imported motor vehicles can be cleared from Sri Lanka Customs on or before October 31, 2018,” it said.

The Extraordinary Notice said that all motor vehicles being imported into Sri Lanka should comply with Vehicular Exhaust Emission Limits published in the Third Schedule of the Gazette (Extraordinary) No.2079/42 dated 12.07.2018 or the Fifth Schedule of the Gazette (Extraordinary) No.2083/3 dated 06.08.2018, issued under the National Environment Act, No.47 of 1980 as amended time to time.

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