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Police Arrest Man For Threatening Elementary Schools In Los Angeles, Weapons Recovered


Police in Los Angeles, California have arrested a man that they say made criminal threats against area elementary schools.


The identity of the suspect, apprehended Sunday afternoon, has not been released. On Monday, however, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that the individual was still in custody after making online threats.

“Apparently on Facebook, he made some threats against a number of elementary schools. He was arrested. A number of firearms were retrieved,” LAPD Officer Venue Hall tells the Associated Press. “His name and age and location and all that is not being revealed at this time because of an ongoing criminal investigation.”


Venus adds that weapons were confiscated from the man’s home.

Students in LA are currently on winter break, but Police Chief Charlie Beck tells the AP that the department will begin patrolling schools more seriously once the new semester starts up.

“Every K through 5 and every middle school in Los Angeles gets visited at least once a day by a Los Angeles police officer,” Beck tells NBC LA.


Sunday’s arrest came just two days after 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot-and killed 26 people, mostly children, at a Newtown Connecticut, elementary school.


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