Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Iran Offer To Join Assad Government


The Deputy Comptroller General of the group “Muslim Brotherhood” Syrian Mohamed Farouk Tayfur that Iran has offered to move the government in Damascus to remain subject to acceptance of Assad as president.

The Deputy leader of the Syrian “Muslim Brotherhood”, Mohamed Farouk Tayfur, on Wednesday said that Iran had offered them the government in Damascus in exchange for their support in President Bashar Assad staying as president. Tayfur said in an interview with an Arabic newspaper that three Iranian businessmen were sent to him by the office of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, to discuss the Syrian issue.

He pointed out that this meeting was held some three months ago. According to him, the “Muslim Brotherhood” believe that Iran provides the Assad regime security, military and logistical support. Most of the snipers are from Iran and Lebanon.

Tayfur said the Iranian offer spoke about four ministries in the Syrian government. However, they had to commit to drop their demand to topple Assad. The Brotherhood refused the offer, noting they can’t accept Assad’s political survival.

Meanwhile, the leader of Lebanon’s Progressive Socialist Party (PSP), Walid Jumblatt, told Reuters he’s “more and more afraid that Syria sinks into a civil war in (…) “. President Bashar al-Assad “does not listen to anyone,” said the Druze leader, who in recent months moved away from his support to the Syria regime.

According to Jumblatt, the Syrian president has ignored calls from the United States, China, Russia and his former ally, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to make reforms, and preferred to speak of “conspiracy” against his country.

The Druze leader has also expected that with the deteriorating situation in Syria, the divisions between Sunnis and Alawites get wider. Jumblatt has also indicated that he asked the Druze of Syria, whose number stand at 400,000, to remain away from the events taking place in their country. “I ask them to stay home if they can,” he said.

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