Yemen Ministry denies protester killed in capital, criticizes Aljazeera ‘untrue’ report


A Yemen Interior Ministry source criticized information aired by Aljazeera Satellite Channel that a protester had been killed in the country’s capital Sana’a, according to Yemeni state news agency SABA.

Aljazeera reported that an anti-government protester was killed when pro and anti-government demonstrators clashed.


But according to SABA, the government source said the report “was baseless because the security forces already took control of the situation as they continue to protect the people while expressing themselves with freedom.”

The same source insisted that “the police disengaged the fighting protesters and there were no casualties,” according to SABA.

“Peaceful expression of the popular will is preserved in Yemen by the constitution providing the practice of freedom of expression is according to the enforced law,” the source said, according to SABA, adding that the govenment source urged “Aljazeera to be objective and report accurate information.”

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