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US Agenda In Baltics – OpEd


The Baltic States remain highly dependent on the US foreign policy. Therefore, the leadership of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia anticipated the results of the presidential elections with impatience and trepidation.
Obviously, Trump’s rhetoric was troubling for countries on NATO’s Eastern frontier.On the contrary, new elected Biden took over the presidency with more personal knowledge of foreign policy and a competent team.

What Biden’s election means for the Baltics?

Firstly, the Baltics are highly interested in improvement of the political climate in transatlantic relations. Over the last couple of years, US relations with countries such as Germany have soured.

As a fact, Biden has recently frozen plans to withdraw 12,000 American troops from Germany. There is no doubt that Biden will make more balanced and consistent military security decisions in Europe than Trump.

Secondly, the United States keeps up making investments in adaptation of Baltics infrastructure (airbases, training grounds, ammunition depots) to military needs as part of security assistance programmes.

Thirdly, the current NATO air policing mission in the Baltics with continued US support could become a full-fledged air-defence mission. It gives the opportunity to deploy modern Аmerican bombers and fighters to the Baltic States on permanent basis.

Finally, the United States will continue to push the Baltic States to increase their defence expenditures to create the necessary conditions for the deployment of additional American forces in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

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One thought on “US Agenda In Baltics – OpEd

  • February 18, 2021 at 6:44 am

    With another Russian pipeline heading for completion soon into Germany, with the new administration’s war on the gas pipeline, franking etc. here in the US. With Lithuania refusing to purchase electricity from Belarus, in fact opening a coal plant in Vilnius….Because the Gas LNG business will be crippled in Klaipeda in the near future. Economic hard times are probable for Lietuva next year.
    The blocking of Russian language channels in Lithuania is also not a good sign as the political handlers in Lithuania of debate and information obviously feel the population is incapable of parsing propaganda so they are being denied opposing viewpoints just permitting viewpoints that serve foreign nations. Aprox 1.5 percent of Lithuanian territory is now militarized. It would seen that the new US administration has immediately undermined the LNG business possibilities in Klipada and the farm nation cannot trade with Belarus and Russia. So it would be accurate to say that Lietuva is NATO and US occupied and is essentially a puppet in the new developing cold war. It’s a sad outcome from what they could have evolved into in 30 years of questionable independence. They have even adopted American pop culture and the groups that performed in the Euro pop concerts sang in English – The contrast to Puerto Rico which has been a part of the US for 100 years have maintained their unique Spanish Heritage- Lithuania seems to be losing theirs. Biden will likely bring back programs that being Lithuanian youth here to the US to do moving jobs, resort jobs etc. But at the cost of denying such work to inner city youth. This is a sort of escape valve for Lithuania although they recently purchased armored vehicles for civil 7nrest unrest which will never be successful in ridding the equivalent of carpet baggers and scaliwags to the emerging democracy to undermine the dreams and wishes of those who believed the future was going to be far better than Soviet Life.


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