Bahrain Foreign Ministry Furious With ‘Iranian Interference’


Bahrain Foreign Ministry’s Undersecretary for Regional and Gulf Cooperation Council Affairs Hamad Al Amer slammed recent diplomatic actions taken by Iran as blatant interference in the internal affairs of the island nation, according to Bahrain state news agency BNA.

“We wonder who authorized Iran to speak on behalf of Bahrain. We also wonder if Iran has imposed its guardianship over the people of Bahrain to allow its Foreign Minister to send messages to the UN and OIC regarding an internal affair of Bahrain,” Al Amer was quoted as saying.

Al Amer was responding to the Iranian Foreign Minister’s letters to the General Secretaries of the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Arab League regarding the Kingdom of Bahrain, and his demand for an active role toward Bahrain.

According to BNA, Al Amer described the Iranian step as a very strange act and an encroachment on the sovereignty of Bahrain, which is a member of the United Nations; thus, reflecting Iran’s real intention to meddle with the affairs of the sovereign GCC countries.

“The Kingdom of Bahrain is committed to the principles of good neighbourly relations and does not interfere in the affairs of other states. Therefore, it calls on the UN, OIC, and the Arab League to turn down the Iranian calls for they are in breach of international laws and conventions and contravene the norms of diplomatic work,” Al Amer said, according to BNA. “Iran’s move does not serve security and stability in the Gulf region nor does it help in building friendly relations between neighbouring countries.”

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