Yemen Demonstrations Turn Violent; Between 20 To 30 Killed


Clashes between demonstrators rallying for and against the Yemen government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh left between 20 and 30 dead, with around 100 injured in the capital Sana’a, reports MISNA.

According to different media reports, other incidents occurred yesterday also in Taiz, a city more to the south, where police opened fire against anti-government protesters.


The circumstances of the clashes today in Sana’a remain unclear, though some reconstructions circulating indicate that pro-government supporters fired shots from the roofs of houses against their rivals gathered around the university.

Demonstrations have been taking place for the past two months in the squares of Sana’a and other cities. Though generally peaceful, violent incidents have increased, as also clashes between the rival fronts and with security forces.

After ruling North Yemen since 1978, in 1990 Saleh became President of a unified Yemen. When the protests erupted, the President pledged that neither he nor his son would run in the next presidential election. He also attempted to engage in formal talks with the opposition, so far rejected.


MISNA, or the Missionary International Service News Agency, provides daily news ‘from, about and for’ the 'world’s Souths', not just in the geographical sense, since December 1997.

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