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US Political Tools In Europe Are Working – OpEd


Starting with the 1950s years of the 20th century European countries has been taking efforts to unite. Europe has been living in the European Union format since signing the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. This treaty created the European Union with its pillars system, including foreign and home affairs alongside the European Community.

The European states did their best to pursue an independent policy, develop collective responsibilities and rights. It was not an easy way and for some period of time the new format successfully worked.

External influence was not evident especially in such European economical giants as the Unites Kingdom and Germany. They were strong enough to be independent economically and politically and had authority among more weak countries in the region, such as Baltic States, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and some others.

But times have changed. The UK has left the organization, local conflicts and economic crises have made united Europe weaker. Time came when the U.S. which skillfully masked influence and secretly manipulated European politicians, openly “entered the scene.”

Security situation in Europe made it possible for the United States to dictate Europe what to do. The main reason is imperfect European defence system which had not been fully developed in the united Europe and now is only part of NATO. As we know, NATO is almost fully controlled by Washington. Thus, in terms of defence, the EU is completely dependent on the United States.

Today this military dependence is transferring to the political one. Washington ties hands of European political leaders by creating favorable conditions in the region to protect its interests. It created hotbeds of tension in Europe and then offers its own solution to settle the problems. The U.S. is a boss; Europe is only a tool to counter the main adversary – Russia.

The problem is that the European governments themselves are neither ready to act in the new conditions, nor take responsibility. For instance, the Baltic states are used to relying on a stronger partner, which is the United States, and even do not try to contradict. Thus, against the background of the spread of coronavirus, it would be logical to cancel such mass maneuvers as Defender Europe 2020 exercise. But The U.S. is not ready to conceal it. Washington has high hopes for developing its military logistics capabilities in Europe and does not want to miss the opportunity even if the exercises lead to an outbreak of coronavirus in Europe and among the US military. Big politics – big sacrifices.

And who really rules Romania? It is NATO. Who rules Poland? Poles, but at the behest of the Americans. Who rules the Baltic States? The Americans. These countries do not have a social structure capable of organizing the actions and behavior of their citizens. The population of these states is almost completely manipulated.

So Europe faces many challenges and Russian threat is not the only threat. Another big problem is deep dependence on the U.S., which pursues its own political, military and economic interests in the region, increasing tensions between Europe and Russia.

Adomas Abromaitis

Adomas Abromaitis

Adomas Abromaitis is a Lithuanian expatriate living in the United Kingdom.

One thought on “US Political Tools In Europe Are Working – OpEd

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    March 18, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    That’s the problem. The real problem of the EU. How can the EU, which is so relying and depending on the USA in every domain (defense, foreign policy, commercial policy, fiscal policy and so on), have credible and sufficient authority on its member States? The ever present trend is the inability of the EU to act with efficacy at any crisis and so the decline of the European dream is ever growing. But, without the EU, no member State alone can survive to the pressing of other great powers (USA, China and so on). So, which is the solution? It’s only a really federal and independent EU. But it’s easier to say, than to realize it.


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