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Quantum Manifesto: ‘One Billion Euros For European Quantum Computer’


3,400 leading scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs have called on the European Union to invest one billion euros in the development of quantum technology.

Their Quantum Manifesto echoes the initiative by Dutch Economic Affairs Minister Henk Kamp and EU digital economy and society commissioner Günther Oettinger to support a single EU program for quantum technology. The Quantum Manifesto was presented to Kamp and Oettinger during a conference held in Amsterdam today as part of the Netherlands Presidency of the EU.

Speaking at the event, Kamp said, “Researchers from Europe, the United States and China are engaged in a worldwide technology race to be the first to develop a quantum computer with unprecedented computational power. With the government’s support, the Dutch QuTech research institute is at the forefront in research and development in this area. European cooperation is needed to unlock the practical benefits of this promising technology,’ he continued. ‘Only then will we succeed in profiting both scientifically and economically from the opportunities quantum technology offers us.”

Accelerating the development of quantum technology

EU commissioner Günther Oettinger said, “Building on the strong support for the Quantum Manifesto, we want to launch an ambitious, large-scale and pioneering initiative. We want to unlock the full potential of quantum technology, accelerate its development and bring commercial products to market. Europe wants to be a leader in the worldwide race to develop quantum technology and promote its use in industry. Countries working in isolation will not succeed. Cooperation is the key to success. We must act now to turn this flagship European initiative into reality.”

One of the Netherlands’ goals for its Presidency is to link up leading research institutes such as QuTech and European companies in a joint program. It is therefore hosting a special conference titled ‘Quantum Europe’ for 300 scientists and entrepreneurs. After its Presidency, the Netherlands will continue to coordinate preparations for the EU quantum technology program.

Quantum computer: massive computational power

The quantum computer exploits the unique properties of small particles known as quantum bits. They can deliver the massive computational power necessary to analyze enormous volumes of data quickly and efficiently. Quantum technology can also be used to develop more precise sensors and measuring instruments that can, for example, accurately determine the effect of medicines on individual patients.
Solving global challenges

The Dutch government is investing more than €146 million in QuTech over a ten-year period, complementing the financial contributions made by companies such as Microsoft and Intel. In 2014 the government recognized this institute as one of the Netherlands’ four ‘national icons’. These are innovators that have the potential to deliver long-term prosperity and help solve global challenges.

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