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Nature’s Way Of Speaking – OpEd


Today, for the nth time, which only the Lord knows, we awaken. Alive, Rested.  Renewed. Hopeful, Energized. And full of dreams. For most of us, from the  lowly street hawker, early-rising farmer, student half asleep to school and overworked office worker, waking up everyday, is left to chance.  To some, It is a because of  a belief or faith to Someone or Something most powerful, who can make things happen.

The sun does not rise every morning by chance. Darkness is not pushed away just by time. The flurry of insects that meets the first and freshest flower nectar and start evolution of species is not magic. Nor the birds hurrying to hunt the earliest worms that tarried longer than usual. Humans, by no design and necromancy,  just wake up because they so desire.

Mornings are God’s plan and HIs alone.

It is also His way of trying to speak to us. Science says that most male birds sing and do so to declare territorial jurisdiction over a certain space. What science does not say is that it is birds’ way of thanking his Creator. When insects shrill out their troubadour cacophony of discordant voices, they are  grateful to carry on God’s plan of ensuring ecological balance.

In short, animals and plants’ behavior each morning, because it is the most special part of the day, mean God is reminding each human of what we should be. A part of nature and not apart from it. To live a life that is not harmful to any creation especially for those who will come  next to us.

But we do the opposite of what He planned. We have our own plans. And we put them ahead of God’s.

It is basically this why there is much suffering in this world. Why there is so much destruction of the world’s natural resources resulting to human tragedies. Born out of greed and opportunism, intolerance and unmindfulness, our daily routine have become more difficult to be reined in. It is out of control.

But there are a million mornings that will come yet. There is a daily morning call for all. A call to change.

If the plant and animal world respond positively to the call and do their everyday duty to make this world the way God planned it to be, what kind of response do we do?

Even as the call for change meets us every morning.

The question is, how many of us want to embrace the challenge. And live it.

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Dr. Michael A. Bengwayan

Dr. Michael A. Bengwayan wrote for the British Panos News and Features and GEMINI News Service, the Brunei Times, and US Environment News Service. In the Philippines, he wrote for DEPTHNews of the Press Foundation of Asia, Today, the Philippine Post, and Vera Files. A practicing environmentalist, he holds postgraduate degrees in environment resource management and development studies as a European Union (EU) Fellow at University College, Dublin, Ireland. He is currently a Fellow of Echoing Green Foundation of New York City. He now writes for Business Mirror and Eurasia Review.

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