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Iran: President Orders Production Of Passenger Planes


Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi issued an order to manufacture a homegrown passenger aircraft.


President Raisi made a trip to the central province of Isfahan on Thursday and visited a number of industrial, scientific and agricultural sites.

In comments at an administrative council of the province on Thursday night, the president hailed Isfahan Province as an industrial, agricultural and tourism hub of the country.

Pointing to his visit to Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA) earlier in the day, President Raisi said he has ordered the experts at the factory to manufacture homegrown passenger planes with at least 72 seats in the near future.

In comments following the presidential trip to Isfahan, Iranian MP Hossein Ali Hajideligani said the president has ordered HESA to manufacture 8 passenger planes.

The lawmaker said the plan to make Iranian passenger planes will be ratified by the cabinet of ministers.


In February 2021, the Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) of Iran announced plans to launch the production line for Iranian 100-seater passenger aircraft.

According to CAO chief, Iran has become self-sufficient in repairing and supplying aircraft components and spare parts by getting help from domestic knowledge-based companies.

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