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Ron Paul Pleased With How President Trump Handled Himself At Trump-Putin Meeting – OpEd


International peace and trade advocate Ron Paul, in a new RT interview, praised how United States President Donald Trump handled himself at a meeting in Helsinki, Finland this week with Russia President Vladimir Putin. Says Paul, “I was sort of pleased with the way Trump handled himself.” In particular, Paul comments that Trump emphasized the benefit of “peaceful negotiations,” something Paul supports.

In contrast, the American media are “almost unanimously endorsing the idea that we have to have an enemy,” declares Paul, “and at this point, especially for the last 20 years, they’ve been working very hard to make Russia the enemy.”

As a next step after the Trump-Putin meeting, Paul suggests that Trump should work to eliminate US sanctions against Russia. Referring to the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity of which Paul is the chairman, Paul says: “Of course, we believe very strongly at the institute that trade is very important, and that’s why we don’t like to see protectionism and tariffs and sanctions and all these kinds of things” that Paul sees as standing in the way of advancing both peace and prosperity.

Watch Paul’s complete interview here:

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