Yemen: 19 Soldiers Killed In Al Qaeda Attack


Nineteen Yemeni soldiers were killed on Saturday in an armed attack and a suicide car bomb attack on the headquarters of the intelligence service in Aden, the main city in the south of the country, said an official of the security involving Al Qaeda.

“The death toll rises to 19 soldiers killed. Nine soldiers and three civilians were injured, for their part,” said the official, whose previous review reported 14 dead. Three soldiers were killed in the explosion of a ” car bomb driven by a suicide bomber who entered the yard “HQ while other soldiers were killed by rocket fire, machine gun and grenades, according to the same source.


“Attack is the work of elements of Al Qaeda, “the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. According to him, the attackers were divided into two groups, one to the south side of the complex and the other addressing the west entrance where the building of public television. They then managed to flee. Several soldiers were killed by grenades in the room where they slept, according to the same source. Television Three employees, including two women, were injured, the official said. According to witnesses, two armored vehicles were burned at the entrance of local television.

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