Sri Lanka: Sirisena Says Govt To Open Discourse On Capital Punishment


Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena said Friday he would open a discourse on enforcing of capital punishment for the convicts of heinous crimes.

Sirisena said though he has powers to take a direct decision in that regard, he expects to inquire about the compliance of everybody in the Parliament as a country respects democracy.

Sirisena stated, as a leader who respects the moral principles he would pay strict attention to the demands of the people to enforce the capital punishment for the convicts of the brutal assassination of Seya Sadewmi and other child rape victims.

The President made these remarks, participating at the ceremony of the second phase of the national program on drug prevention held at the Town Hall Playground in Galle.

Sirisena emphasized that new laws and regulations should be enforced over the rape cases, child abuse, robberies, murders and every heinous crime occurred in the country today.

Sirisena also stated that the government will be fully committed to make the program to build a drug free country successful within next few years, though the drug menace cannot be fully eradicated from the society. He requested the police and all officials not to bow down to any force when they conduct raids and take legal actions against those who engage in such activities. He also stated the government would strengthen the officials who properly activate laws and always protect them and defend their actions.

Sirisena recalled that the new government suspended every license which has been issued bypassing the process of issuing licenses for liquor stores. He added the government’s expectation is to remove excise revenue from the alcohol and tobacco sales from the national budget in the future.

Sirisena said the most severe difficulties he had undergone were when he faced challenge of standing against drugs and taken decisions on drug issue. “Today, as the President, I will do my best to build a drug free country”, he promised.

The second phase of the national program ‘Mathin Nidahas Ratak’ (A Drug Free Country) has been held covering the Galle District was commenced 14th of this month. Its completion ceremony was held today under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena.

Positions of Drug Prevention Animator were offered to 150 school children, selected from the schools in Galle District to make the drug prevention program popular.

The President also launched the official website of “Mathin Thora Ratak (A Drug Free Country)”.

Religious leaders including the Maha Sanga, Ministers and Members of parliament, Inspector General of Police, Senior Officers of Security Forces, Principles of the schools in Southern Province, teachers and school children also participated in this ceremony.

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