Saudi Arabia Tightens Noose On Cybercrime


By Rashid Hassan

Saudi Arabia is making concerted efforts to tighten the noose on cybercrime with work on novel solutions pertaining to information security.

The Kingdom will host the Global Internet Forum and Exhibition early next year, with the main objective of highlighting the government’s efforts in combating cybercrime, ensuring cybersecurity and facilitating e-governance and its mechanisms concerning Vision 2030.

The forum will be held in mid-March in Jeddah with the participation of experts, authorities and companies specialized in the field of Internet and communications from across the world, said Khalid Naqro, supervisor of the exhibition.

The Cabinet meeting here on Monday approved a number of procedural arrangements relating to security and safety projects, including provisions that government agencies have to verify, when implementing their projects, their compliance with regulations and instructions on security and safety.

The Cabinet was briefed on the Kingdom’s participation in the second committee of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly, during its discussion on “Exploitation of Science and Technology for Development,” and the Kingdom’s confirmation that it will continue its march in the ongoing support for the implementation of the results of the world summit on the information society.

This emanates from its belief in the significant importance of the outputs of the summit and its contribution to achieving the goals of sustainable development.

Moreover, the Cabinet expressed condemnation on all acts of terror, confirming the Kingdom’s rejection of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

Earlier, commenting on the Global Internet Forum on Combating Cybercrime, Nagro said the forum, accompanied by an exhibition, aims to empower people from Arab states, including the Kingdom, to present their innovations and allow participants to build strong relations to enhance the Arabic content on the Internet, and to overcome information security challenges in order to move forward toward a knowledge-based economy, as envisioned under Vision 2030.

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