Russiagate Brings Black Caucus To A New Low – OpEd


The so-called Russiagate scandal is a fiction. The hapless Democrats see it as a means of doing what they failed to do on election day in 2016, defeat Donald Trump. The fear mongering also makes the case for waging war by other means against Russia and supporting American imperialism. But this worst of all fake news stories fell apart. The only way to continue the dubious cause was to ratchet it up with more lies. Enter the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

The members of the CBC were once known as the conscience of the Congress. But they have been beaten down by corporate interests which threaten them with political defeat should they step out of line. Fear and cynical self-interest turned them into useless party hacks. They are only committed to keeping themselves in office and maintaining their position as arbiters of who does and doesn’t get the crumbs dispensed to the Black Misleadership Class.

Now the CBC have moved from being pathetic users and losers to actively working against the interests of all black people. The bizarre claims about Russian election interference are now more dangerous than ever. The Democratic Party is enacting censorship at a level never before seen in this country and the CBC are in full accord.

It has been a long time since black politicians accommodated the methods of state repression used against their people. Now the CBC pressures social media platforms Facebook and Twitter into embarking upon censorship of the left. Facebook is reportedly looking to hire staff with national security clearances to ferret out spying that doesn’t exist. If the CBC were even a shadow of its former self its members would be front and center in protest. Instead they lead the charge for state surveillance of everyone in the country.

While the CBC should spend time fighting against the latest iteration of COINTELPRO, the Black Identity Extremist designation, they instead demand more jobs for their friends. That is what having black board members at Twitter and Facebook will amount to. There will be more black misleaders to lead us all down the path to political suicide.

All talk of resistance is phony, a ruse made to fool the rest of us into thinking we are fighting Trumpian fascism. But the worst fascism in decades is underway and under the auspices of Democrats who are targeting Trump but not for any reason that will help black people.

The Black Identity Extremist canard should be front and center in any political discussion about espionage and intelligence agencies. Instead it has been disappeared by people who have the power to bring it to public debate and protest. It is black protest after all, righteous protest against police murder, which created the Black Identity Extremist lie. But just as the CBC did nothing useful about fighting police murder they now assist the same people who would deprive their constituents of their lives and their rights.

Black politics has reached a terrible low point. The trap of the duopoly becomes more and more obvious as the Democratic Party failed to ever fight against the real election hacking which stole black votes in election after election. Having done nothing to help themselves or their most devoted members, they now blame a faraway country for American racism. The left is weak, black politics has been officially killed off and the CBC is aiding and abetting the attack on activists.

Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg met with caucus members as they demanded that something be done to stop a non-existent crime. The click bait ads which are meant to sell products have now become the means of cutting the left off from the only means they have to communicate and advocate. The big lies reminiscent of the McCarthy era are back and they are bigger than ever.

On November 1, 2017 Congress will hear testimony from representatives of Facebook, Twitter and Google. These ordinarily all powerful corporations have capitulated and will no doubt grovel and pledge to spy on everyone with internet access. Already the National Security Agency keeps records of all email, all cell phone calls, and all social media posts. Thanks to the eager Democratic Party the security state will expand and decide who can post online and what they can say.

The crime is a perfect one and black so-called leaders are marching in lock step. Congressional Black Caucus members are well aware that black people suffer more than anyone else from the dangers of government surveillance. The CBC have moved from being merely ineffectual to being a great danger to the people they supposedly represent. If Russian operatives were trying to harm America they could not have come up with a better plot.

Margaret Kimberley

Margaret Kimberley's is the author of Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents. Her work can also be found at and on Twitter @freedomrideblog. Ms. Kimberley can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)"

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