Saudi Arabia: Crown Prince Launches New Development Plan For Three Key Regions


There’s more to Saudi Arabia than its big cities — and to prove it, the Kingdom launched strategic offices on Sunday to drive development in three key regions.

The offices will form the basis for the establishment of development authorities in Al-Baha, Al-Jouf, and Jazan, said Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

They will aim to capitalize on the advantages that each of the three areas has to offer, and ensure the development of a strong investment environment attracting private sector engagement.

The launch of the strategic offices is part of the government’s strategy to extend development to all regions and cities of the Kingdom. The crown prince said further strategic offices would be established in areas where there are not yet any development agencies.

They will focus on investing in the distinct features and advantages of each region to transform them into sustainable and permanent economic drivers, and the private sector will play a key role in the the development plans.

They new strategic offices are part of the crown prince’s vision to bring comprehensive and sustainable development to all regions of the Kingdom, expanding job opportunities, and improving living standards by upgrading basic services and infrastructure.

Al-Baha is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Kingdom. The region includes a large number of forests and is home to many ancient villages and forts.

Al-Jouf is known as the “food basket of the Kingdom,” containing fertile land with abundant water resources. It is responsible for about 67 percent of the Kingdom’s olive oil production.

Jazan is home to the Farasan Islands and Jazan Port, the third-largest port on the Red Sea coast.

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