Iran Faces Shortages Of Medical Supplies, Infant Formula


The head of the Iranian Association of Pharmacists says the price of medical products has risen by 245 percent, and infant formula and medical drugs for special diseases are in short supply at Iranian pharmacies.

ILNA reported on Saturday that the Association of Pharmacists has emphasized that the shortage of infant formula has not been resolved.

Rahbar Mojdehi Azar told ILNA that drugs for special diseases are also running out but he added: “In view of the sanctions, we are not doing too bad but we are definitely very far from an ideal situation.”


He stressed that the Health Ministry has managed the situation very well, but the banks and the financial sector are not taking the right steps.

He also told ISNA that patients dealing with difficult diseases such as cancer are finding it hard to secure the necessary medication and are faced with shortages and soaring prices.

He said the difficulties faced during the Iran-Iraq War are once again emerging, adding: “Although the other countries are saying sanctions are not applicable in this area and there are no special restrictions, this is a clear lie, and the restrictions on the purchase of primary material for medical drugs and medical equipment have been there for a long time.”

In addition to earlier sanctions imposed through UN resolutions in response to Iran’s nuclear program, Iran is also facing widespread unilateral sanctions imposed by the U.S. and the EU in the past year.

The head of the Iranian Physicians Association, Shahabeddin Sadr, also reported that hospitals now owe 7.5 trillion rials to drug companies in Iran.

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