Lebanon’s Hariri On Twitter: “I Am On The Way To The Airport”


Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri said he was on his way to the airport in Saudi Arabia on Friday.

Hariri, who resigned as Lebanese prime minister on Nov. 4 in a statement broadcast from Saudi Arabia, tweeted: “To say that I am held up in Saudi Arabia and not allowed to leave the country is a lie. I am on the way to the airport…”

Saudi Foreign Ministry Adel Al-Jubeir said on Thursday, “accusing Saudi Arabia of holding Hariri is completely baseless. It doesn’t hold merit as Hariri is free to go anywhere he wants,” adding that Hariri has some concerns about the security situation in Lebanon.

The Saudi foreign minister said Hezbollah is disturbing regional peace and stability by supporting

Houthi militias in Yemen, suppressing the will of the Syrian people and violating Lebanese law.

Hezbollah must learn to “respect Lebanon’s sovereignty,” he added.

Arab News

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