Iran Says Talks With IAEA Positive


Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says recent talks in Tehran between the Islamic Republic and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have been positive.

The Iranian foreign minister said Iran and the IAEA reached common ground on most of issues during the talks, and will discuss the remaining topics in the next meeting, which is scheduled to be held in Tehran on January 13.

He said the two sides discussed ways of hammering out a new modality plan to resolve the differences over Iran’s nuclear energy program.

Iran’s Foreign Minister also said deployment of NATO Patriot missiles along the Turkish border with Syria is more provocative than deterrent.

“The deployment of Patriot missiles will certainly not help establish security and stability in the region,” Salehi said.

“Our assessment is that this measure will do nothing but create more tension or God forbid lead to an uncalculated measure,” the Iranian foreign minister added.

Salehi said the Syrian issue must be resolved by Syrians and without foreign interference, stressing that Iran has no intention for meddling in the internal affairs of other states and is merely working towards what Syrians want.

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