The Lessons Of Libya: Chaos Is No Surprise – OpEd


By ­Adrian Salbuchi

Throughout history, military attacks on sovereign nations have always meant death, destruction and chaos which don’t end once invasion is complete. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Vietnam, Northern Ireland – even World War II and the Cold War.

So why should Libya be any different?Today, the Western media are “appalled” at the continued gunfights among warring factions; Reuters reports that “clashes between rival Libyan militias have killed two people and wounded 16, in the latest violence involving armed groups refusing to hand in their weapons.”

What did the West expect?A sovereign country – Libya – was attacked and overrun by NATO forces, based on false pretexts supported by a hypocritical UN Resolution, that led to tens of thousands of Libyans being killed, maimed, their homes and infrastructure bombed; their country ransacked and thrown into utter chaos, its leaders and their children and grandchildren murdered on live TV causing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to publicly roar with laughter…

It sounds a lot like the eight years of the Iraqi invasion where hideous violence reigns to this very day…Which sounds like Afghanistan…Which sounds like 60 years of daily life in Palestine… Which sounds like Serbia two decades ago…Which sounds like Vietnam four decades back…

Did the West blow it yet again?!?!?I don’t think so.

The boys and girls doing geopolitical planning at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, American Enterprise Institute and AIPAC, have far too much experience to stumble over the same stone time and again.

Does that mean they destroyed Libya on purpose? Of course they did!

The daily pictures we have been fed for almost a year of the hell Libya has become – and of the so-called “Arab Spring” with armed uprisings backed by the CIA, MI6, Mossad and NATO -are very eloquent.These Western terror organizations’ “dirty tricks departments” have done a great job!

I mean, look at what they’re doing now in Iran, where they have no qualms about openly admitting that they are running through the streets of Tehran murdering scientists and civilians and bombing facilities and installations.

Can anybody provide a clearer example of state-sponsored terrorism than that? Openly admitted by its very perpetrators, Israel, the US and the UK??

No, no. The destruction of Libya and other “Rogue States” has served and is serving as a key objective of the Global Power Elite.For it carries a message to the whole world, eloquently warning and threatening every nation on Earth, saying “if we can do this to Libya; we can do this to any country we damn want to!”“You’re either with us or against us” runs the 9/11 Baby Bush Doctrine…

Did you hear that, Venezuela?Did you hear that, Syria?You too, Ecuador, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bolivia….! Sure, the distance in time running from threat to action is inversely proportionate to how close the target “Rogue State” is to China and Russia…

In my 30th December 2011 article for RT, “2012: The Year of World Government,” I described 12 “triggers” the Global Power Elite embedded in the US, UK and European Union are using to impose global domination upon us all.Trigger No. 10 specifically refers to “Attacks on Rogue States.”

You see, there are patterns if you know where to look.For instance, Gaddafi’s Libya, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and many Muslim countries have Central Banks that are truly independent, but not of local government, as Harvard and CFR eggheads demand, but rather independent of the IMF, Goldman Sachs, CitiCorp and the Rothschild-Rockefeller parasitic usury-based global banking cabal.

Another pattern? Gaddafi was getting ready to introduce the Gold Dinar (a currency made of real gold and not just flimsy paper like the dollar and euro) to trade Libyan oil (Libya has the world’s ninth largest oil reserves, and the largest in Africa) and then – why not? – to trade African and Middle Eastern oil too… A direct attack on US dollar hegemony in the oil trade!

Saddam Hussein did something similar when he decided to use the $1 billion “oil for food” allowed to Iraq under UN sanctions to trade in euros rather than dollars.That was in November 2002; if I remember correctly, old Saddam ran into some trouble in March 2003…

Another pattern? Leaders in countries like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Serbia have been shortsighted on key geopolitical issues, so when the heat is on them they invariably find themselves alone in the crossfire; they forge no strategic alliances and so are left high and dry.

Gaddafi did even worse: he spent the last dozen years before being murdered making amends with the US, UK, Italy; the EU.That’s why the media is brimming with cute pictures of Gaddafi embracing Bush; Gaddafi embracing Tony Blair, Gaddafi and King Juan Carlos, Sarkozy, Rodriguez Zapatero, Cameron, Brown, Obama, Chirac… Why, we even have Gaddafi’s hand being kissed by Silvio Berlusconi!! (In September 2010: it’s on video…)

So: Nine Lessons from Libya:

1) Don’t trust the Western Powers; especially the US, UK, France, Italy and Israel….

2) Don’t hang onto power for too long.Especially when you can transfer it to an intelligent and articulate heir like Saif-Gaddafi.Dad should have done that at least five years ago…

3) Don’t trust the Western Powers…

4) Don’t be left alone.Get a good ally: Russia or China, for example.(Ask Iran, who understands this very well).

5) Don’t trust the Western Powers…

6) Be very wary of Western terror organizations, aka CIA, MI6, Mossad and their private brethren, Blackwater/Xe, Halliburton and others.

7) Don’t trust the Western Powers…

8) Don’t let the “Western Media” handle global news of what’s happening in your country.Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Latin American media outlets are growing to become of crucial importance.

9) Lastly, don’t trust the Western Powers!

­Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina The views and opinions expressed in the story are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.


RT, previously known as Russia Today, is a global multilingual television news network based in Russia. RT was the first all-digital Russian TV network.

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