WEF Announces First Special Meeting In Riyadh With Global Cooperation Agenda


By Tarek Ali Ahmad

A special meeting hosted by Saudi Arabia and the World Economic Forum was announced by the country’s economy minister alongside the forum’s president on Thursday.

“In April, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be hosting, they will have a special meeting that will focus on global collaborations, growth and energy. Riyadh in the Kingdom is becoming the capital for growth on a lot of fields and a lot of sectors, but also a global thought leadership capital,” Saudi Economy Minister Faisal Al-Ibrahim told listeners at the “Saudi Arabia: The Course Ahead” panel.

WEF President Borge Brende added to Al-Ibrahim’s comments, saying: “Global cooperation could not be more relevant. Then we look at growth, we have to revive growth under the trend growth. And then we also look at energy for development, as also, the head of the World Bank actually mentioned, there are 600 to 700 million people on the planet that don’t even have any kind of access to electricity.

“So we have to square the circle. Decoupling, but also securing energy. All this will happen in Riyadh the 28th and 29th of April, and big thanks to the Saudi delegation and to your leadership, and we’re looking forward to the meeting,” he said.

The session will be the first special meeting hosted by the WEF outside of the winter and summer Davos forums.

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