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Israel: Leaders Vow To Prevent Iran From Obtaining Nukes


In their speeches devoted to the Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israeli leaders vowed to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons, saying it was a threat to the existence of the Jewish state.


“We have an obligation to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. It’s the world’s obligation, but above all it is our obligation… We shall never bury our heads in the sand,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem memorial complex.

“Those who dismiss the Iranian threat as a whim or an exaggeration have learned nothing from the Holocaust,” he said. “A nuclear Iran is a threat to the existence of the State of Israel and also to the rest of the world.”

Israeli President Shimon Peres also linked Holocaust and Iran’s nuclear ambitions in his speech, describing the Islamic Republic as “the terror hub” and “a threat to world peace.”

“We used to be a question mark then, today we are a strong nation,” he said. “There are no reasons for underestimating capabilities – both unconcealed and hidden – that Israel has to deal with the [Iranian] threat.”


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2 thoughts on “Israel: Leaders Vow To Prevent Iran From Obtaining Nukes

  • April 19, 2012 at 11:15 am

    Israel PM Nutty-yahoo is the biggest threat to peace in the Middle East and perhaps in the entire world. His rhetoric indicates a schitsophrenic outlook and that in a person with power is dangerous.

  • April 19, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    And I really don’t know, why the rest of the world should panic and support Israeli imperialism anymore than any other brand. Back in 1948, Israel was a little bunch of people, who might deserve some sympathy ( a little group fighting for survival). But nevertheless, is was a land grab then and it is a land grab now. (otherwise we should be sympathetic to Pharaohs comeback and claim all that region, we will be honor bound to give it back.
    That region goes from fighting with bullets way back in 1948, to 300 nukes strong Israel, today. The world hasn’t become better in any sense, especially for all the people living around there! As high technology eventually turns to commodity, others there are bound to start having Nukes. Most of the world’s current killings & woes can be traced back to to this homeland-of-2000-years-ago fight. Now the whole world can’t be safe, not safe to fly, not safe to play, not safe to have high concentration of private gathering, not safe to go everywhere you want. Its time for the israelis to be reasonable with it neighbors. Unless Israeli intend to exterminate all Persians (a hideous and inhuman goal), we get Persians into the mix of all this anger and hate! Why would the rest of us want or need this!
    Please, we are tired of all this strife. Can’t you try to get along with others?


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