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Falstaff By Guiseppe Verdi Playing At Istanbul Süreyya Opera House


The Istanbul State Opera and Ballet began to play on stage Giuseppe Verdi’s last masterpiece “Falstaff” opera. Your writer had no ticket on the last night, so he waited at the entrance of Süreyya opera on the evening of April 13 and purchased two tickets from an opera watchers group at the last minute.

The opera was based on William Shakespeare’s “The Merry Women of Windsor” and “Henry IV”. Giuseppe Verdi’s last masterpiece” Falstaff “premiere started at the Kadikoy Sureyya Opera Theater on Saturday, April 7th.

The librettos of Falstaff, were written by Arrigo Boito. The opera was first performed in Milan in 1893. It is first on stage on our homeland. There is no overture music. The curtain opens and we find ourselves suddenly in the flow of events.

The work is known as one of the world’s toughest operas in terms of staging and musical work. the theme is in the 14th century England. Fatty Falstaff is one of the most entertaining characters created by Shakespeare. He is married and tries to seduce two good friends Alice Ford and Meg Page at the same time.

While writing the opera, Guiseppe Verdi, was deeply influenced by German composer Wagner. There are no easy-to-remember Italian melodies in this opera. The only melody you can mumble with is only in the last act. The opera is over and you are leaving the final curtain mumbling.

Renato Bonajuto is the stage director of the work. Opera is performed in Italian. Conductors Roberto Gianola and Can Okan alternate with the orchestra. The choreographer is Paolo Villa. Decor design by Efter Bronze, costume design by Ayşegül Alev, light design realized by Yakup Çartık.

Işık Belen, Kevork Tavityan, Caner Akgün, Alper Göçeri, Murat Güney, Caner Akın, Ahmet Baykara, Çağrı Köktekin, Can Reha Gün, Engin Yavuz, Göktuğ Alpaşar, Ali Haydar Taş, Şebnem Ağrıdağ, Ayşe Sezerman, Deniz Yetim, Dilruba Akgün, Özgecan Gençer, Sevim Zerenaoğlu, Aylin Ateş , Deniz Likos, Nesrin Gönüldağ, Barbora Fritscher Hitay, Elif Tuğba Tekışık, are performing alternately in this opera.

We see four beautiful young women on stage. Farsifall character was performed unique. The male characters were playing with great fun. The staging was brought to the end of the 19th century. Decor was balanced, with room wide open for play, the costumes were beautifully designed. At the last act, stage was very crowded.

We understand that the work has been rehearsed hard, nothing to leave to improvise during the staging. Each mimic, motion, play was very carefully pre-tailored.

The Falstaff opera is being performed on 10, 11, 13, 14, 21, 24 and 25 April.

At the entrance gate you may always purchase a return ticket. In Süreyya opera, an incredibly beautiful work is staged and it is absolutely recommended to watch.

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