Speaker Mike Johnson: The Only Options Are Ukrainian Or American Troops At War With Russia – OpEd


United States House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has turned out to be an uber warmonger. He put this attitude on display in a Wednesday press conference in which he declared “I would rather send bullets to Ukraine than American boys” as support for his push for the House to approve spending billions of dollars more in support of Ukraine’s war effort against Russia.

Of course, the choice Johnson presented is a false choice that would only be acceptable to someone intent on war no matter what. A third alternative of butting out of the matter is available, despite Johnson’s assertion. Indeed, the entire war would likely have been prevented had the US butted out over the last few decades instead of taking actions including engineering a change in government in Ukraine and building up that nation’s military for attacking Russian areas of the country and then taking on Russia itself in a war. That war has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian military members, as well as a smaller number of civilians and Russian military members.

Speaker Johnson spoke in his press conference like a tried-and-true member of the “fight to the last Ukrainian” cohort of the US government. But, then, immediately he took a further step. Once the Ukrainian military’s ability to fight is spent, Johnson indicated a next step should be taken. That step is to throw the American military directly into war against Russia. And, take note, this fight would be against a fellow nuclear power that is pursuing military action it sees as necessary for its preservation as a nation.

Johnson has reached a Dr. Strangelove level of war mania. Most Americans oppose this approach. Many members of the House over which Johnson holds leadership oppose it as well, including Republican members who are questioning how the fellow they chose for speaker has transformed before their eyes into a dangerous loon.

Will cooler head prevail and the march toward further escalation be rejected? Hopefully, yes. Johnson has proven to be a very dangerous man to entrust with so much power. To prevent much more suffering, enough House members must access the bravery necessary to oppose the speaker’s depraved objective and advocate for ending — instead of expanding — the US government’s efforts to harm Russia.

This article was published at RonPaul Institute

Adam Dick

Adam Dick is a Senior Fellow at Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. Adam worked from 2003 through 2013 as a legislative aide for Rep. Ron Paul. Previously, he was a member of the Wisconsin State Board of Elections, a co-manager of Ed Thompson's 2002 Wisconsin governor campaign, and a lawyer in New York and Connecticut.

3 thoughts on “Speaker Mike Johnson: The Only Options Are Ukrainian Or American Troops At War With Russia – OpEd

  • April 20, 2024 at 12:53 am

    This is disturbing article! It comes from a Western media outlet and yet it could easily have been penned by a Putin crony.

    To say the Ukrainian Maidan Revolution was engineered by the US is a bit of a stretch. Western Intelligence was probably involved but that could not have caused the tens of thousands of Ukrainians to come out in the streets, to support the movement.

    Furthermore, if there was little popular support for Maidan the Ukrainian military position would have collapsed long ago.

    To blame the war on America’s inability to ‘butt out’ is also an odd statement. Is the author saying America should not support popularly based democratic movements, for fear of offending imperial dictatorships?

    Finally, it is a gross exaggeration to accuse House Speaker Johnson of stirring a Strangelove type war mania. He dragged his feet on supporting the aid package for months, that doesn’t bespeak a Ukrainian warmonger! His comment on US troop involvement was probably recognizing the threat to NATO, if Ukraine collapses. A situation he would prefer to avoid.

    Articles on this masthead should be balanced and consider both sides of an argument, this article does not.

  • April 20, 2024 at 5:03 am

    Truth is hard to digest. Global clearheaded sane view is also held by most balanced thinking Americans who are against the Cow Boy type gun culture-Militarism is the US national religion: “US believes in wars, may not be formal declarations …believe in sale of weapons, the more expensive the better.” US-NATO has taken innumerable offensive actions; Serbia-Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, bombing of Libya, and also the NATO-US arming of Ukraine leading to the US-Russia proxy war at the cost of Ukraine ‘The Avoidable Instigated War’. This Ukraine war has led to the deaths of thousands of Ukrainians including civilians and mass destruction of their infrastructure. However, Blame Game will continue.

    • April 24, 2024 at 2:19 am

      Generally speaking you are completely in error on the cause and effect chain regarding the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

      First, regarding previous policies and the Balkan it was ethnic nationalism that broke up Yugoslavia from historical differences and the arbitrarily formed country that the Soviet Union allowed. It was certainly not provoked by Western powers who preferred to keep away from. But the ethnic cleansing and the purposeful slaughter of civilians was a step to far and needed to be stopped. And it was a long and difficult conversation before the West intervened.

      As for Afghanistan – that was a just war that was derailed by the mistake of invading Iraq. And you accuse the US of jumping into the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Not so. Russia took Crimea and eastern Ukraine and the US mainly stuck to sanctions and some weapons for de fence in Ukraine. Then a stable face off. The US didn’t show any intention of building up Ukraine for ANY offensive action and had stalled Ukraine application to NATO for over a decade due to Russian sensitivities. It was only when intelligence indicated Russia was actually on the verge of invasion that defensive weapons and communications and training were ramped up for Ukraine. Russia is the clear aggressor and the US and other Western nations have demonstrably have dragged their feet in giving more defensive weapon to Ukraine – which has been a clear mistake. I hope the West has learned the lesson that Putin will spare nothing to take Ukraine and will promptly give Ukraine the weapons to further destroy the invaders. It unfortunately true has no compassion for Ukraine or Russia’s own troops that are sacrificed for his Medieval whims.


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