Macedonia Extends State Of Crisis Along Southern Border


Macedonia’s lawmakers adopted Friday a proposal for extending the state of crisis at the country’s southern border by 15 June 2016 due to an increased influx in and transit of migrants across the country.

Elaborating the draft, Interior Minister Mitko Cavkov said the previous decision on declaring the 30-day state of crisis yielded results. However, the reasons for declaring such situation continue to exists, he said.

“The pressure on our southern border is still high. According to reports we have been obtaining, the number of illegal migrants that might use the so-called Balkan route would not decline in the near future. The fact that EU has not yet adopted a common solution for dealing with the crisis is an additional problem. There is neither an agreement on the regional approach, while the countries in the region undertake national measures,” Cavkov said.

The Government, relevant institutions and the Crisis Management Center keep monitoring the developments on daily basis and make decisions accordingly, Cavkov said.

Macedonia is cable to guarantee the security of its citizens, he said, pointing out that MPs support of the proposal for extending the state of crisis would be a significant tool for all intuitions dealing with the problem.

Since the beginning of this year, 300,000 migrants traveled through Macedonia. 36,630 migrants have been registered to pass through Macedonia since the declaration of a state of crisis this August, but their number is much higher, Cavkov said.


MINA is the Macedonian International News Agency

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