Harvesting Wind Energy In Small Countries With Low Wind Speed And Limited Coastline


Does it makes business and economic sense to harvest energy in a densely-populated highly built-up land-scarce jurisdiction where high wind speed is almost non-existent? And in the case of floating offshore wind turbines, how do we understand their dynamics for industry implementation? These and other questions are being answered with analytical, computational and experimental (ACE) results in Advanced Wind Turbines.

Wind is everywhere, but not all countries are equally endowed. In the first part of the book, the study of the Darrieus wind turbine is discussed with special emphasis on optimization for low wind speed condition. The second part of the book deals with the challenges in floating offshore wind turbines (FOWT). While FOWT in itself solves the problem of insufficient land and insufficient coastline for near shore wind turbines, the motion of FOWT typically creates conditions that are less that optimum.

While Advanced Wind Turbines directly addresses the specific problems mentioned above, it is hoped that the thought process and the angle of approach discussed in the book can be transferred and extended to other areas of technology for a wider readership.

Although the book was originally intended for small island states with very limited natural (such as wind) resources, it is hoped that beyond the technicalities discussed the readers will be inspired to always look for standard and non-standard solutions in the face of limitations.

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