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Angry Sunnis Protest After Lebanon Security Chief Assassination


Angry protesters have cut the highway between Beddawi to Tripoli, in northern Lebanon, following the announcement of the death of chief of the Intelligence Bureau of the Internal Security Forces, General Wissam el-Hassan, reported the National News Agency. He died in a car blast in Beirut. Other roads in the same area were also blocked, according to the same source.


Gunshots were also heard in Bab el-Tebbaneh, a Sunni-majority and anti Syrian regime district of Tripoli, according to the NNA. Other sources indicated also that gunfire was heard in Halba, in the region of Akkar in northern Lebanon.

In Beirut, several roads were cut with burning tires by residents, mostly favorable of the anti Syria Future Movement.

General Hassan, a close friend of Saad Hariri, the Lebanese opposition leader hostile to the regime in Damascus was tipped to take the lead of the ISF at the end of the year.

The ISF arrested on August 9 the former Lebanese Minister Michel Samaha, accused, as well as senior Syrian security officials of preparing attacks in Lebanon in the purpose of causing sectarian strife.

Wissam Al-Hassan arrived in Beirut last night and killed in explosion in Beirut’s Ashrafieh district. Seven other people were killed in the powerful blast.


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