Romney Death Threats, Riot Warnings Worry Republicans – OpEd


Despite the majority of news media outlets ignoring the story, a law enforcement source claims that the Tweets by Obama supporters calling for the murder — assassination — of Mitt Romney increased in their numbers and in their severity after Tuesday night’s presidential debate. Other supporters are threatening civil unrest in U.S. cities should Obama lose the White House.

The police source said that it’s widely known in the law enforcement and intelligence communities that President Barack Obama’s rabid supporters say they will kill GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney if he defeats Obama in the election less than three weeks away. Many believe they are empty threats, but remain concerned.

“These people posting threats are merely blowing off steam. They are people who take the opportunity to say things anonymously on the Internet that they would never dream of saying in public,” says former police officer Iris Aquino. “There are threats made against Obama by neo-Nazi and white supremacists on the Internet. The only difference is the news media and the Secret Service take those threats seriously.”

While police commanders remain silent on the issue, rank-and-file officers claim the scuttlebutt in their stationhouses is that Obama supporters are planning riots in cities across the nation if Romney wins while anonymous Twitter users are making death threats against Romney.

The primary reason given for Obama supporters wanting to see Romney dead is the fear that he will take away food stamps from the 47 million people receiving government assistance, the police source told Law Enforcement Examiner.

“If the tables were turned and conservatives were making death threats against Obama in these numbers, it would be a national news story,” said political strategist and attorney Michael Baker.

Yet despite their police and intelligence sources telling them about the threats against Romney, reporters at the major news outlets have remained completely silent on the threats by Obama supporters who say they will become violent if Obama loses his chance at governing the nation for another term, according to the Examiner.

On the Oct. 9, 2012 edition of the KABC, Los Angeles, Larry Elder Show, Hoover Institution Scholar in Residence and award-winning author, Dr. Thomas Sowell, a noted black conservative (as is Elder) warned listeners about threats of racial unrest should Romney beat Obama in the election.

In addition, the Internet is abuzz with Facebook and Twitter messages warning voters that should Obama lose they can expect reprisals from the New Black Panther Party, the group the Obama Justice Department refused to prosecute for voter intimidation in 2008.

Jim Kouri

Jim Kouri, CPP, formerly Fifth Vice-President, is currently a Board Member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, an editor for, and he's a columnist for In addition, he's a blogger for the Cheyenne, Wyoming Fox News Radio affiliate KGAB ( Kouri also serves as political advisor for Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor Michael Moriarty.

3 thoughts on “Romney Death Threats, Riot Warnings Worry Republicans – OpEd

  • October 19, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    Greetings. If it is true that the more rabid supporters of president Obama would seriously threaten the life of presidential contender Mitt Romney, well they don’t support the Democratic system, and the President must reject there support and be seen to do so.

    The American people and all right thinking people across the globe do not want Romney in the white house. No one wants his fundamentalist hands next or near the leavers of power. He has the smell of George w Bush about him. He could be what the war mongers throughout the world have been waiting for. Especially his friend Bibi Netanyahoo, a trouble maker if there was ever one.

    But no worries the President has the measure of Mitt the twit Romney. He will make short work of him on the 16th. He will then romp home at the poles. All the best. Mathusla.

  • November 3, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    Yeah, well Romney does represent business. And every out-sourced, in-sourced, H1-B displaced, globalized American knows how much business and the corporate oligarchs care about Americans. To not expect a little “hating” back would be unrealistic.

  • November 4, 2012 at 4:16 am

    For years and years you have a group of people working to transfer power, money and influence to the top 1%. Being an American used to mean something. I was under the impression that we were supposed to, yes, take advantage of our capitalist system but when did the tides change so that now it’s the latest fad to prosper from the demise of others? It has just gotten so mean spirited. Have the uber rich forgotten where they live? If they are successful over time, of actually creating a plutocracy and are successful at making these “advances” on the backs of the poor, if they stay so insulated as to not know what hardship is, especially as a direct cause of another, eventually, as history has told us time and time again, eventually they will be attacked, pulled from their houses and have really bad things happen to them in the streets. How could they be so obtuse? As a group, they act as if they can do anything they want, no matter how morally bankrupt, and nothing will ever happen to them. Eventually there comes a time when no amount of money will keep you safe. I fear for them. I fear for their children. This is America. “Let them eat cake” won’t cut it here.


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