Iran: Police Target Internet Cafes


The Tehran Police Force has announced its plan to shut down photo studios and internet cafes that “act against social norms and business regulations.”

The Mehr News Agency reports that Hossein Sajedinia, the head of the Tehran Police Force, announced today that “offering illegal services to customers” would be one of the main reasons for shutting down an internet cafe.

“Internet cafes hurt our youth and their families by providing illegal services,” Sajedinia said. “And it is the duty of our police force to confront them.”

Numerous cultural and political news websites are blocked by Iranian authorities, but web users manage to access these sites through proxies, which are deemed illegal by the government.

Sajedinia also announced that some photo and film studios have been engaged in illegal activities by “targeting families and revealing private matters.”

Ninety studios and 260 internet cafes have been inspected since the start of the latest police efforts, and many have received warnings or been shut down.

Tehran police also shut down 70 clothing wholesalers charged with selling “tacky and obscene” clothing. Last month, the papers reported that 70 clothing designers were arrested and charged with encouraging girls to work as models.

In recent years, police have carried out other similar activities under the banner of “social security,” like shutting down hairstylists for promoting Western styles, confronting women about their public dress code violations, and confiscating satellite dishes.

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