11 more families in Occupied West Bank are ordered to leave their homes inside 24 hours. Where is the U.S.?


By Philip Weiss

The U.N. in Israel/Palestine is circulating the following information today about a village in the Occupied West Bank, east of Nablus. Ma’an confirms the news. Where is the American President or Secretary of State?

We want to inform you that 11 Palestinian families in Khirbeit Tana today were given 24 hours by the Israeli military to pack their things and leave the area. The military said that if they fail to comply with the order, all their livestock and materials will be confiscated. The orders affect all families that did not experience demolition last week.

Out of 35 families in the village, 15 suffered a demolition last week; 11 are now threatened with displacement; leaving only 9 families dwelling in caves who are unaffected.

The families in Khirbet Tana have in recent years experienced constant threats and harassment from the Israeli military. The community has suffered repeated demolitions in the last few years (see below). The community has lived in the area for decades and relies on small-scale herding for livelihood, so it has no choice but to stay as they need grazing land.

We will monitor the situation tomorrow. In the meantime, those of you that have links with Israeli authorities, please assist us in preventing this threat from being carried out. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to call the OCHA office in Nablus.


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