Militants Attack Across Afghanistan


Afghan authorities say two suicide bombers have opened fire on a bus in the capital carrying Afghan army soldiers, killing five army personnel and wounding another nine.

Officials say one of the suicide attackers detonated his explosives Sunday, while the other bomber was shot dead before he could activate his.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack in Kabul, which had been relatively peaceful for several months.

In Kunduz province, four suicide bombers stormed an army recruitment center Sunday, killing at least three soldiers and two other people.

Officials say two of the suicide bombers were killed.  It is not immediately clear what happened to the other two attackers. 
The Taliban has also claimed responsibility for the Kunduz attack.

Meanwhile, in the southern Afghanistan, NATO says one of its servicemembers was killed in a bomb attack.  The international coalition did not provide further details.

Also in southern Afghanistan, a roadside bomb in Kandahar blew up a civilian car, killing the driver and wounding four children.


The VOA is the Voice of America

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