US To Withdraw From Afghanistan “Come Hell Or High Water” – Biden


US Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday said the planned withdrawal of combat troops from Afghanistan will occur on time “come hell or high water.” Despite uneven progress in Afghanistan, Biden told NBCs Meet the Press.

“Were making progress on all fronts, more in some areas than in others. Are we making sufficient progress fast enough? That remains to be seen.”

He asserted that Al-Qaeda’s strength “has been significantly degraded” by US attacks on the militant networks leadership.

However, the US has been less successful countering the Afghan insurgency, dealing with safe havens in Pakistan and creating a stable Afghan government.

Biden said that plans to begin US troop reductions are still on schedule.

“We are going to, come July, begin to draw down American forces,” and begin to transfer responsibility to the Afghans, said Biden. “It will not be a token amount.”

Meanwhile, Biden said the US Justice Department is looking at what to do to stop more classified government documents from being released on the WikiLeaks website.

He refused to comment on that process but said he has strong words for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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