Twitter Suspends Anonymous Account


YourAnonNews, a Twitter account used by members of Anonymous to relay messages pertinent to the hacktivist movement, has been suspended.

Twitter users aligned with Anonymous and other online collectives announced the suspension just shy of 12 noon EST on Wednesday, December 19.

No confirmation has come from either known Anons or Twitter regarding why the account was suspended, but YourAnonNews has received extra attention in recent days following a campaign-gone-viral that has targeted the Westboro Baptist Church, an infamous religious group based out of Kansas that has planned to picket the memorials of the victims of last week’s school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

As recently as Thursday morning, YourAnonNews and other Twitter accounts affiliated with the movement tweeted information regarding the suspected whereabouts of Westboro members who had arrived in Newtown.

The evening prior, members of the online trolling group Rustle League claimed to have hacked the YourAnonNews account. Members of Rustle League have attributed themselves with hijacking the Anonymous account as posting a series of tweets directing users to x-rated imagery.

Only days before the suspension, YourAnonNews announced that they had created a back-up account in case of such an event.

With over 700,000 registered followers, YourAnonNews is among the most widely cited Twitter accounts affiliated with the international hacktivism collective.


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