Yemen War: Good News From The West Blessed With Superior Values – OpEd


“An unexpected result of Yemen’s war: More men are cooking and cleaning”, the Washington Post already reported in 2016 on the social and cultural impact of the war in Yemen. The seemingly good side of this US-sponsored genocide: gender equality! 

The fact that Yemeni men, provided they have not yet been blown to pieces by American and European bombs, are taking the housework off their wives should please German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who pursues a “feminist foreign policy.” Like her like-minded good acquaintance, the billionaire speculator George Soros, she vehemently advocates human rights and democracy in all those countries that do not want to submit to American “security interests.” The lack of democracy and the serious human rights violations in Ukraine, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia, which are part of the U.S. sphere of influence, are therefore not part of their vigorous moral offensive.

Surprisingly, the U.S. mainstream media MSNBC reported rather lonely from the drab, uniform Western media desert on December 16: “Few people noticed, but the United States Senate came very close to ending America’s complicity in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen earlier this week. But the very same person who had vowed to end that war intervened and stopped the Senate from taking action — President Joe Biden.

There were no protests from politicians of all stripes against Saudi Arabia being allowed to continue its war against the neighboring country with all its brutality and with mainly American weapons, but also German, British and French.

The former leading German news magazine “Der Spiegel” which since then has been spreading Relotius and other tall tales, reports daily (see for example here) about “Russia’s war of aggression” against Ukraine. Saudi Arabia’s Western-backed war of aggression against Yemen, which exacts an incomparably higher blood toll, hardly receives any attention in this magazine – nor in the rest of the European mainstream media. They condemn and demonize Putin on a daily basis, but not the Saudi rulers.

As usual, overwhelming vested interests also play a role here on the part of the United States: Several U.S. congressmen profit from the arms deliveries to Ukraine because they are investors in the arms companies. And it is the same war profiteers who escalated the proxy war in Ukraine who have no interest in ending the war in Yemen.

Let’s remember: According to the UN, this war is the world’s biggest humanitarian disaster. It has already claimed hundreds of thousands of victims and 20 of Yemen’s 30 million inhabitants are starving in the war-ravaged country.

If the West had wanted it that way, this war would never have happened or it would have ended long ago with the stroke of a pen. The Saudi regime could not have survived two weeks without American support, as then-U.S. President Trump told his hosts in Saudi Arabia in his own, very direct way.

For the people of Yemen have the misfortune not to be “good”, banderist Western Ukrainians – and they are subjected to a proxy war against Iran, waged by the liberal-democratic West. The Western media have barely reported on the ongoing massacre. Expressions of solidarity from politicians and celebrities are extremely sparse compared to those raining down on Ukraine, and sanctions against the perpetrators and supporters of this “good” war, which is causing incomparably more death and devastation than the war in Ukraine, are not being sought. All this fits perfectly with the morally sublime “values of the West”.  

Felix Abt is an entrepreneur living in Asia and the author of “A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom” and “A Land of Prison Camps, Starving Slaves and Nuclear Bombs?”

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