Taliban Government: A Nightmare For The Afghans – OpEd


Sane are those who learn from history and go shoulder by shoulder with the changing world, who know how to handle crises ridden situation and that how to pull out the sinking boat of the country from whirlpool. These need commitment, competent minds, good governance,  farsightedness, and holistic policy formulation which the Taliban 2.0 lack, whose rule has become a nightmare for the common Afghans.

The orthodox Taliban have banned women education after primary. They have barred women to run beauty parlor shops. Man teachers have been ordered to take beard. Democracy is in short supply. Political instability is at its peak. Human rights violations are taking place with a repid speed. Media has been suffocated. Health sactor is on decline. Ecnomic frail is playing havoc with the country. While, humanatrian crisis is engulfing lives. Forced and early marriages have increased. At the same time, the ISIS is cementing its feet in the country.

When the Doha talks were on the way, people, the sympathizers, and the signatories expected changed Taliban. Their hopes remain hopes. The use of religion for political gains by the Taliban regime should not be astonishing and unexpected. As they have nothing to present to impress the common Afghans in socioeconomic, political spheres, and in foreign policy.

The Taliban 2.0 have failed to deliver (as excepted) while the proponents and suppoters of the Doha accord have trapped. They have ruined the lives of Afghans for the fulfillment of their vested interests. A partially stable Afghanistan has become a Hell for the people of Afghanistan, for the world where the ISIS is cementing its roots, where al Qaida is re-emerging, and where the TTP has become a real threat for Pakistan.

During the government of the Taliban 1 the same was happening what we have been witnessing at the moment. Human rights violations, fragiled economy, failed governance, political instability, terrorist hideouts, pathetic healthcare system, declining education sector, corruption,  spiralling poverty and unemployment, forced and early marriages, and huge humanitarian crisis had penetrated the country. It has been two decades that the Taliban has regain Afghanistan, but nothing has changed for them. They are the same incompetent, orthodox, unchanged, irrational, and stubborn people.

The current experience testifies that the Taliban have fizzled again. They lack the germ of delivering, running the country, and handling the crises ridden country. They have inadequate qualified minds to steer the country from economic crunch and put the country on track back in helath, education, political, and other spheres.

The current regime of the Orthodox Taliban has become nightmare for the dwellers of Afghanistan. Will the proponents of the Doha accord peep into their collars? Will they introspect as to how they have trapped and are responsible for the current sorry state of Afghanistan’s affairs by making the same mistake that they committed after the USSR’s withdrawal from the country and ultimately show mercy?

Naseeb Ullah Achakzai

Naseeb Ullah Achakzai is a M.Phil scholar and writes as a freelance columnist.

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