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Ron Paul Says US Sliding From Democracy To Fascism – OpEd


By Vladimir Gladkov

Speaking to his supporters in the state of Missouri, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul declared that the US government was moving away from democratic principles and adopting openly fascist methods of ruling the country.

It is difficult to disagree with this opinion. The promises to eradicate the heritage of Bush Jr. generously distributed by Obama during the 2008 campaign have remained unfulfilled. The Guantanamo military prison keeps functioning just as successfully as a lot of other CIA secret prisons in many parts of the world. The FBI still successfully uses its crown tactics of involving suspects in artificially fabricated plots. The new bill allowing the government and corporations to use unmanned aircraft over US territory may put an end to the privacy of US citizens’ lives.

This list, which may make George Bush Jr. jealous, can be continued. However, one should admit that Ron Paul himself has never expressed the interests of his party. His own programme, balancing between conservative and Libertarian views, most often attracts the marginal part of the electorate. Thus, the right-wing extremists who were recently convicted in Michigan for preparing an armed uprising against the ‘Antichrist’ who is at the head of the US government were supporters of Ron Paul.

According to the SBC TV channel, about 2,000 people listened to Ron Paul’s speech but in spite of this, Paul may hardly be considered the leader of the presidential race, due to his unusual ideas. However, even more successful candidates from the Republican Party are not enthusiastic about the situation in today’s US.

One should admit, though that in their eyes the US is sliding to degradation rather than fascism and this degradation is caused by Obama’s spineless policy. Newt Gingrich, popular with conservatives and an ardent exposer of liberalism, was caught in his own trap when his ex-wife Marina attacked him by declaring that he had offered her an ‘open’ marriage allowing extra-marital relations. The conservative electorate was not happy about this turn of events, which buried Gingrich’s hopes to win.

The current leaders Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum do not like today’s situation in America either. Mitt Romney expressing the views of moderate Republicans puts a stake on his vast experience in business and considers America’s main problem the economic crisis which resulted from Obama’s liking for social programmes and the absolute inability of the country’s leadership to control the state expenditure. Romney also criticizes the current immigration system. In his opinion, Obama’s attempts to sort out the immigration problem have completely failed.

While Romney’s views are typical of moderate Republicans, his main rival Rick Santorum takes a more radical position. He is against abortions and same-sex marriages, he is a fan of firearms, a good family man and an earnest Catholic. Just like Romney, Santorum believes that Obama’s medical reform and all other social programmes should be immediately cancelled. Pursuing a policy of cutting down the state expenditure, he is ready to go even further and cut down the military expenses and state employees’ salaries. As for taxes for the wealthy and the middle class, Santorum is planning to curtail them, also granting more privileges to families with many children.

It is worth pointing out that, unlike many conservatives, Santorum is not in favour of tough measures in restricting immigration. He is only against mass amnesty for illegal immigrants and green cards for criminals. His views on arms control frighten liberals because Santorum believes that firearms should be completely legalized.

Nevertheless, we can admit that the 2011-2012 election campaign has turned out practically unpredictable for the conservative camp. Recent favourites suddenly went into the shade and new people took their places. The more vehement is the struggle between the Republican candidates, the more chances for success Obama gets. He is concentrated on his campaign while his conservative rivals are fighting for the leader’s position.

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