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Pakistan: Imran Khan Plays The Religion Card – OpEd


History has shown that whenever human beings were employed according to their abilities and talents, the result was surprisingly positive. A doctor can do the work of a doctor, a lawyer can do the work of a lawyer and only a judge can do justice with the position of “Qazah”. If someone else performs these duties then the situation will be the same as it is in the field of politics. Whenever our rulers fail, they try to create anti-Western atmosphere or carry anti-establishment rhetoric, raise religious sentiments or raise the slogan of national pride.


Former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has been expanding his rhetoric of ‘conspiracy’ and ‘treason’. Speaking to a delegation of journalists recently, he said, “Messages are coming from the establishment but I am not talking to anyone. I have blocked the numbers of these people till the election is declared. We will not talk to anyone until then”. I told the Neutrals that the economy has hardly stabilized. Shaukat Tareen also explained to them that political instability is detrimental to the economy. I ask those who were part of this conspiracy that didn’t those who were part of the conspiracy care about Pakistan? Pakistan was not in the priorities of the people involved in the conspiracy? He further said, “The conspirators misjudged, they did not know that so many people would take to the streets if I was removed. I told the conspirators that it was a conspiracy, but they remained neutral”.

It is clear from this angry talk of Imran Khan that when he says that those who have the power to stop the conspiracy did not stop the conspiracy, he means that they are also involved in the conspiracy. Does Khan have so much grief over his separation from power that he does not stop blaming national institutions for his limited political goals? DG ISPR General Iftikhar Babar has told everyone not to drag the army into political affairs. He referred to all the political parties, but it is also clear who carried out the horrific campaign of immorality against the army in recent days. The manner in which the military leadership has been given inappropriate titles on social media is unprecedented. Everyone knows which political party rules social media. Obviously, this could be his job. In the same vein, opposition leveled against the institutions but whatever they said, they said within a range. The move by the Army as an institution is commendable, but it seems that it badly pinches Imran Khan.

Imran Khan is well aware that the only way for him to come to power is to take the card of ‘religious’ and ‘treason’ in politics to the point of increasing political pressure, fanning the flames among his fans. The consequences and effects will be very dangerous. The honorable institution of the country in the form of army, which the nation looks to in every hour of trouble, from which the enemy trembles in fear, the institution which has made immense sacrifices to keep the country together, If he wants to make this institution controversial for his own political interests, then questions will arise on his political insight and national support. The question will also arise after living on the field for so many years; did he learn the sportsman spirit that instead of preparing for the next round after the defeat, he should try to win the match by joining hands with the empire? There is still time to take control and try to resolve political issues in a political manner. Involving the institutions in these matters will be detrimental to both the country and the nation.

The current situation in Sri Lanka has not changed overnight. The causes of Sri Lanka’s economic and political crisis are the same as the causes of our economic and political problems. Sri Lanka, too, has run out of foreign exchange reserves. The burden of external debt is unbearable, with more than 30% of the currency devalued, and above all, family politics and nepotism. The country is currently suffering from economic, political, constitutional and administrative crisis. As the constitutional and political crisis draws to a close, so does the economic and administrative crisis. Do not forget that political stability is essential for the betterment of the economy and new elections for political stability. My personal opinion is that Imran Khan will not calm down till the announcement of elections and unless he sits comfortably, the dream of political stability will not come true.

*Sehrish Khan is a freelancer and media activist. She writes on political developments and security issues with special focus on South Asia and the region.


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