Saudi Arabia: Only Those Performing Tawaf Can Pray In Mataf Area


Visitors to Makkah have been advised to leave the mataf area exclusively for Umrah pilgrims for the five-time mandatory prayers, especially during Taraweeh, for the remaining days of Ramadan.

A directive in this regard was issued by Makkah Gov. Khaled Al-Faisal on his Twitter account.

The mataf area is witnessing overcrowding during the prayer time and making it very difficult for Umrah pilgrims to perform tawaf (circumambulation) of the Holy Kaaba, he said. “Hence, visitors should allow pilgrims to perform tawaf smoothly.”

The governor said that there is a lot of space for prayers in the internal corridors and northern expansion and the upper floors of the Grand Mosque. “Only those performing Umrah can offer mandatory prayers in the courtyard,” he said, adding that the carts would be moved to the demarcated areas.

The directive follows reports of suspension of tawaf in the courtyard during the mandatory prayers, particularly Taraweeh.

All the Muslims coming to the Grand Mosque have been urged to abide by the directive and cooperate with the security personnel.

Arab News

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