China’s War Cry Frightens Asian Countries – OpEd


In the last few weeks the spokesman for the Government of China has been issuing several statements and making observations against India that sound like war cries. The 1962 war between India and China was mentioned, as a reminder to India, which virtually amount to a warning that events of 1962 could also be repeated in 2017.

Many in the world, particularly in Asian countries, are not surprised at the belligerent attitude of China towards India at the present moment, since several Asian countries themselves have experienced China’s hostile attitude in recent times. China’s conflict with neighbors with regard to South China Sea, Senkaku Island are well known. Neighboring countries now have developed a sense of fear and apprehension about China’s attitude towards them and about it’s long term intentions. They think what India faces today in its relation to China, they will face tomorrow.

Ever since China forcefully occupied Tibet it has developed courage that it can do anything and get away with it, as China thinks that world opinion is always impotent and all countries are self-centered. China seems to believe that might is right and aggressive posture and militant approaches can make it an unquestioned super power in the world .

World observers think that China has been showing aggressive attitude towards it’s neighbors, mainly to browbeat them and make them fall in line and accept China’s unquestioned leadership. This has happened in the case of Pakistan (though China has adopted different strategy with regard to Pakistan), but will it happen with regard to other countries in Asia?

Observers believe that China will not go for a big war with India or any other Asian country immediately, despite its veiled threats as China’s economy and its strength is dependent on trade across the world. But, China could strive to ensure that it would remain prominent in the scene and feared in Asia to psychologically prepare the neighboring countries to accept China’s claimed superiority.

China thinks that it has made the USA and West European countries dependent on China because of huge investments that it has made, as China is dependent on Europe and Western countries due to the market outlet and technology support that it needs.

China has concluded that because of such inter-dependence, the USA and West European countries cannot afford to take any offensive actions against China in the present circumstances, even if China would involve itself in serious conflict with Asian countries like India and Japan. China appears to be of the view that this present dependence of USA and West European countries on China give it enough muscle power to exploit the conditions in its favor.

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that China has definite expansionist plans and it will use its economic and military muscle power to reach it’s objectives of expanding it’s territories, shake the confidence of the neighboring countries by browbeating them and in the process dominate Asia.

As China has chosen India as the immediate target in its expansionist plans and strategies, India now faces a difficult scenario. India is wondering whether it should appease China and buy peace or confront China and force peace. With 30% of the population in India remaining below poverty line and with an extremely urgent need to grow it’s economy and industry, India would not want to divest its energy and resources in conflict with China.

But, if China has alternate plans and wants to continue to have friction with India as a part of its long term expansionist strategies, then India will have little option than to fight back, with whatever consequences. With two hostile neighbors of China and Pakistan, peace in India has been disturbed already.

India certainly would expect US and West European countries to exert pressure on China to make it desist from its aggressive postures. It remains to be seen whether they will protect India’s interests at the cost of their interests in China. China calculates that US and West European countries would remain self centered and would not go beyond providing lip support to India, that would enable China to have its way.

The world is watching and particularly other Asian countries are watching with great anxiety and apprehensions on China’s next move. They are keen to know India’s strategies and action plans in dealing with China at this critical time. Certainly, they think that India should succeed.

N. S. Venkataraman

N. S. Venkataraman is a trustee with the "Nandini Voice for the Deprived," a not-for-profit organization that aims to highlight the problems of downtrodden and deprived people and support their cause. To promote probity and ethical values in private and public life and to deliberate on socio-economic issues in a dispassionate and objective manner.

2 thoughts on “China’s War Cry Frightens Asian Countries – OpEd

  • July 21, 2017 at 9:39 am

    I think China’s aggressive posture is also linked to factionalism , inner party struggle in Communist party where each faction wants greater share in Coalition government. This tough posture,brow beating weaker nations and advocating -“Nationalism ” is the new face of Hegemonism , old wine in new bottle ,is likely to continue till new leadership takes over after the party congress.

  • July 21, 2017 at 10:55 am

    I agree with the author’s views. India should do its duty as preached in the Gita and focus on what should be done rather than worrying about the consequences of its action which may lead to inaction on its part.


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