Bahraini King’s Comments On Qatar Provokes Controversy


The comments made by King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa about his family’s claim of sovereignty over Qatar has sparked off public controversy.

The Bahraini king’s remarks, published by Akhbar al-Khaleej newspaper, about the Al Khalifa’s control over Qatar since 1762 has been explained by many experts as an intentional anti-Qatari move.

It came after the Bahraini monarch on Thursday met members of Al Nuaim tribe in Manama, pointing to the establishment of Al Khalifa dynasty in al Zubarah in north of Qatar and the tribe’s control over the Qatar Peninsula since 1762.

According to Bahrain News Agency, the king has said Al Khalifa established security and prosperity until Al Zubarah became a prominent political, economic and civilizational destination in the Persian Gulf region.

“We have ties with the people of Zubarah based on kinship, common history and joint goals, but we will never forget the assault of 1937, which targeted the killing and forced displacement of Zubarah people, we will not forget the illegal aggression against Zubarah and Dible,” the Bahraini ruler has said.

In 2017, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut ties and imposed sanctions on Qatar, accusing it of financing extremist groups and supporting terrorism.

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