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Spain: Average Of 2,170,368 Foreign Citizens Contributing To Social Security System In July


The average number of foreign workers registered with the Spanish Social Security system stood at 2,170,368 in July, 7,901 fewer contributors than in June.


The figure for this group has fallen in the last month by 0.36%, in line with the figures recorded in previous years.

There was year-on-year growth of 149,938 workers, representing a 7.42% rise in the number of foreign contributors on July 2018.

The largest groups of foreign workers paying in to the Social Security system come from Romania (352,102), Morocco (263,705), Italy (133,636) and China (107,689). These countries are followed by Ecuador (77,097), Colombia (76,829), the United Kingdom (68,379), Bulgaria (63,073), Venezuela (58,772) and Portugal (57,063).

Autonomous regions

In month-on-month terms, the largest increases in the number of foreign contributors to the Spanish Social Security system were posted in Cantabria (up 6.46%), Asturias (up 3.57%), Castile and Leon (up 3.39%), Galicia (up 3.1%) and the Balearic Islands (up 2.6%). The largest declines were posted in Andalusia (down 7.89%), Extremadura (down 6.53%), La Rioja (down 5.79%) and the Region of Murcia (down 4.14%).

In year-on-year terms, the number of foreign contributors rose in all the autonomous regions. In this regard, Galicia (up 9.32%), the Basque Country (up 9.22%) and Navarre (up 9.18%) are the regions with the largest rises in foreign workers over the last year, followed by Catalonia (up 8.2%), the Region of Valencia (up 8.03%), Cantabria (up 7.86%), Castile and Leon (up 7.58%) and Asturias (up 7.03%).


The majority of foreign citizens are registered under the General Regime: 1,822,126 in total, a figure that includes the Special System for Agricultural Workers (206,593) and the Special System for Domestic Workers (170,373). This is followed by the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (343,033), the Special Regime for Seamen (5,155) and the Special Regime for Coal Workers (54).

Of the total number of foreign workers contributing to the Spanish Social Security system in July 2019, 880,418 are from EU countries while 1,289,950 are from further afield.

Of the total foreign citizens contributing to the Spanish system, 1,216,115 are men and 954,253 are women.

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